The first step to helping somebody that suffers from headaches is to determine the type of headache they are suffering from. Some headaches can be caused by symptoms that are related to a disease or an underlying illness that the patient might not be aware of.

For headaches that are of upper cervical problems, NUCCA spinal Corrections are the ideal approach because of their effective non-invasive nature.

NUCCA spinal Corrections are gentle adjustments to the top section of spinal vertebrae. These small bone structures support and protect vital components of our nervous system. Knowing how to make gentle corrections at the point where your brain ends in your spinal cord meets requires an expert who understands how to apply the most modern NUCCA techniques. Most common headaches are the result of mechanical pressure that occur around the upper cervical region of our spine.

At Tallahassee Spinal Care, Dr. Wainwright is proficient at using non-invasive and highly effective adjustments as a method of treatment to help patients improve the quality of their life. Stop suffering from headaches that lead to a stressful life and get in touch with us today

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