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Super friendly reception which I think is the most important factor when stepping into an office for the first time. I’m a college student and they’re super understanding and flexible with schedules! They’ve got plenty snacks and water bottles. I don’t ever spend...

Marie Joseph

My husband has been coming here for a couple months now. I’ve been with him for most visits and the staff is always so kind and welcoming! Dr. Wainwright has really helped my husband with his chronic back pain and he is continuing to improve! We highly recommend them!

Jessica Smith

The staff and Dr Wainwright have been awesome. They are all very personable and professional. They have given me hope that the pain will get better and better.

Anita Warden

Entire staff is friendly, they have helped me out tremendously. Routine appointment visits are are always super fast and the check in process is easy and simple. The chiropractic beds are super comfy also.

Bria .

This is an awesome place. I have 2 herniated disc that got bad to where I couldn't hardly walk. After the first week of visits with Dr. Wainwright I was able to stand straight and not have to rest every 10 minutes. I went to a chiropractor closer to home and he...

Kris Wakefield

The staff is super friendly and helpful which makes you feel very comfortable especially doing something new. They are also very good about working around your schedule for appointments. I highly recommend 10/10 🙂

jamie zorabedian

I have been coming to Tallahassee Spinal Care for several months after sustaining neck and lower back injuries in an auto accident. I love the treatments because they are different than chiropractic care I have received in the past. Dr. Wainwright utilizes a...

amanda abigail

I travel frequently for work resulting in expirences with a number of chiropractors do to am on going issue in my back. Dr. Wainwright has done more with one adjustment to correct the root of the issue rather than "putting a bandaid on it" like the others I have...

Addison Miller

Dr. Wainwright & Julieth are awesome!
I was very skeptical at first because I have tried many options in search of relief. I have been dealing with my issues for years. I was at the point where I was dropping everything I picked up.
I came across Dr. Wainwright...

Donna West

It’s nice being cared for by the kindest people. Highly recommend this place.

Jackie Hebron

Dr. Wainwright is great. His staff is professional and courteous. Always recommends thoughtful treatments. I would highly recommended to anyone in the Tallahassee area.

Sam Thompson

Being a bigger person, back pain is just a given. But in the last three months, I suddenly had a burning, shooting pain moving from my shoulder blade up and around my shoulder. I decided to visit Dr. Wainwright because I had heard only good things about his...

Elizabeth Cody

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