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Tallahassee Spinal Care-pic-1The NUCCA spinal care procedure is meant to correct the pelvis, head, and spine back to a more balanced and unstressed position in a holistic manner. The goal is to reposition in a manner that will help reactivate healing messages being sent from the brain to the affected body part which will kick-start the healing process. There are only around 150 to 200 offices throughout the world that performs the NUCCA spinal care treatment.

Dr. Ralph Gregory, from Monroe, Michigan, founded the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association in 1966, with only one aim which was to help patients recover from their illness and pain through accurate corrections of the upper spine. Making small corrections of the upper neck means that the spine can easily go back to its vertical axis, improving bodily function.

Dr. Roger Sperry, Ph.D., won the Nobel Peace Prize when he discovered that 90% of the brain’s activity is used for balancing your body in the gravitational field of the Earth. He revealed that if the body‘s balance is disturbed, it will start to affect the remaining 10% of the brain’s activity responsible for bodily functions like thinking, digestion, and breathing.

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What is NUCCA?

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) is a advanced procedure in the chiropractic profession, and the NUCCA procedure is used for correcting the pelvis, spine, and head back to a more balanced position. The reposition helps the brain to start sending healing messages to the affected body part and the natural self-healing process of the body starts.

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The Importance of Body Balance

If the weight of the head remains centered over the neck, the spinal column will be balanced and straight. If you get into an accident and the weight of the head shifts off center, the body will try to compensate by moving into an imbalanced position. To ensure that the head remains in a central position above the neck, the pelvis and spine will lock and twist into a stressed position.

This imbalance can be clearly seen with one leg being shorter or longer than the other, one hip being lower or higher, twisting the body framework, abnormal movement, muscular imbalance, and progressive wear and tear over time. The body position can result in pressure, stress, and tension of the entire nervous system, and the brain stem. This is extremely important, as the body sends millions of chemical and electrical impulses from the brain to different cells of the body. If there is a distortion or restriction of those messages it will affect all bodily functions. Most of them are unconscious messages like circulation, digestion, and breathing.

If this isn’t corrected, the long-term effect will be a degeneration of the body part that doesn’t receive those messages. This can cause behavioral changes, mild to severe pain, lowered illness resistance, organ dysfunction, mobility loss in limbs, and disease.

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Restoring Body Balance

Restoring the head, pelvis, and spine back to a balanced position is the main goal of a NUCCA chiropractor. Here is the process at Tallahassee Spinal Care:

  • The doctor will look at and calculate the exact position the spine has rotated, shifted, or tilted from its normal position.
  • Even a small degree of displacement of the spine from its usual position can result in brain stem compression and body imbalance, which can cause health problems in the body.
  • The doctor will make a NUCCA correction by using a formula that is calculated from the mechanics and physics of x-ray.
  • The doctor will then apply a slight pressure below that ear to reposition the head gently over the center of the neck. This repositioning will help remove brain stem compression and restore body balance.
  • The NUCCA correction doesn’t need any cracking, popping or forceful twisting and the patient doesn’t even feel it.

When the spine is corrected with such precision, the entire nervous system starts functioning properly, and this balanced position ensures the body starts the recovery and healing process quickly.

We focus on Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and NUCCA Protocols exclusively!

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