The spine is made up of 33 bones. In the upper cervical region, there are seven vertebrae. Five in the lower lumbar part and the remaining are in the thoracic, sacral and coccygeal regions. The primary reason our spine is comprised of so many bones is so we can have the benefits of flexibility while still protecting one of the most important parts of our delicate spinal cord.

In between the discs in your spine are soft and flexible cushions that help maintain the space between them and still allow for movement. Most people will experience these disks tears as they shrink and loose water. Pinched nerves are the result of the deterioration of this system to protect your spinal cord. This deterioration can happen over time as we age or simply from incurring some type of damage to our body. As pressure surrounding the nerves begins to increase this will begin disrupting the way the nerves function causing a range of issues from mild numbing or tingling to sharp pain.

Treatment for pinched nerves is often done through NUCCA corrections because they are effective for problems in the upper cervical region. The treatment protocol is tailored based on each person’s needs and is focused on restoring a person’s ability to heal naturally and getting them back to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Wainwright is an expert at treating pinched nerves using state-of-the-art invasive NUCCA based techniques.

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